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20 February 1985
All is pipe.

007 goldeneye multiplayer, androgyny, anime, anime expo, anthropology, aqua, arfenhouse, artie, beating up the ocean, ben folds, ben folds five, blackadder, bobby burgess, books, boys in makeup, california, cartoon heroes, cheese, cheezits, chris koza, chuck palahniuk, computer animation, cookie dough, cookie dough ice cream, cookies and cream, coreyface, cornbread, crimson, crimson room, dale, dance dance revolution, dancemania, darehead, daroo, david almond, ddr, ddr music, diet coke, dorks, drawing, eddie izzard, elbow, family guy, fantasy, figure drawing, fountains of wayne, games, gay rights, geekiness, gir, gnomes, groovin, gummy candy, guster, hummus, ice cream, ihyd, incense, interesting people, invader zim, itg, king's quest iv, kurenai, languages, linguistics, lisa loeb, magic realism, minnesota, miso soup, monkeyface, monty python, mst3k, music, mysticism, nostalgia, painting, pancakes, perceptions, pete & pete, photography, piano, pinto beans, poker, ramen, ramune, random conversations, reading, reading some poetry, redwall, remembering lyrics, remembering things, rob paulsen, sam rockwell, sifl and olly, singing, smiles, snow, sonata arctica, soundtracks, sour patch kids, space pony, sporks, sqrl, squirrels, techno, text messages, the beach, the goonies, the panty dance, the sparrow, thinking, thomas newman, toasty-molios, trance, tsocp, vegetarianism, video games, viridian room, wacky antics, walking down memory lane, wargwarg, watching petunia dance, water, webcomics, whale sounds, white chocolate, writing random stuff, zarla


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